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By Miami Probate Attorney Phillip B. Rarick, Esq.

Florida’s elective share statute allows attorneys to draft standby Florida elective share trusts.  (For a summary of Florida’s elective share see our post: Florida’s Sweeping Elective Share.)  As of  April 23, 2002, trusts that create property  interests contingent upon an election being  made are now qualified to fund the spouse’s elective share interests. The requirements for such a trust are set forth at F.S. §732.2025(2) and include: (1) surviving spouse must be entitled to use of the property for life or  have all of the income payable as least annually; (2) the surviving spouse has the right to make the trust productive of income or convert it within a reasonable time; and no person other than the spouse has the power to distribute income or principal to anyone other than the spouse.

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By Miami Trust Attorneys Phillip B. Rarick, Esq. and Jay R. Beskin, Esq.

I.       The Opportunity – And The Problem.

The Opportunity: Gifts to family members and others are free of the U.S. gift tax if under the exemption.   Specifically, U.S. Citizens in 2012 can give away assets worth $5,120,000 ($10,240,000 per couple) without having to pay any federal estate tax or gift tax.

By Phillip B. Rarick, Miami Probate Attorney


Most states have streamlined probate procedures for smaller estates.  Florida’s procedure is called Summary Administration and can be used to expedite administration of estates not exceeding $75,000 or when the decedent has been dead for more than two years.  F.S. 735.201(2).  It avoids the appointment of a Personal Representative (or “Executor” in other states).  Summary Administration should always be considered for small estates; however, as discussed below, it may not always be the most practical option.

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