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Practical, Personal Estate Planning Lawyers

Our Focus is on Your Family & Business

Our focus - and what drives us - is helping protect your family and small business in a litigious society that too often threatens your nest egg that you are trying to save for your family and loved ones.

For over 25 years, Rarick & Beskin has been the law firm other lawyers have turned to for help resolving their client’s estate planning, probate, and business matters. Since 1993, more than 500 law firms have asked us to help their clients.

Good Estate Planning Integrates Asset Protection

Some estate planning lawyers do not integrate asset protection in their plans. We believe this is like planning with blinders on: you see only about 50% of the threats that could attack your family or business. Modern estate planning integrates asset protection with estate planning because now there are simply too many legal threats to your hard earned property and savings. It is important to take advantage of every law designed to help protect your assets and stay out of court.

We Live in a High Risk Legal Environment

In our litigation saturated environment, everyone – including the best business person or best physician – is exposed to lawsuits, regardless of how careful you may be. You may have your real estate investments in an LLC with insurance coverage, but if a person slips and falls on the property, an aggressive Florida personal injury attorney may try to go beyond your policy limits and attack every property owned by the LLC. If the LLC is not properly structured and run, an aggressive Florida litigation attorney may try to pierce the corporate veil and target all other properties you own.

We will help you fight back by taking advantage of laws designed to help protect your exposed properties.

We pride ourselves in not offering a dogmatic approach or one-size-fits-all solution. We first listen and learn about your family and business. Then we endeavor to tailor a plan designed to meet your core objectives – at a cost you can afford.

As Miami estate planning and asset protection attorneys, we will help you decide your best options. There is a wide array of legal tools available. Examples inside Florida, are a Florida multi-member LLC with a good asset protection operating agreement, a Florida Limited Partnership, tenancy by entirety, or smart use of Florida’s strong homestead laws. Examples outside of Florida are: Delaware LLC, Nevada Domestic Asset Protection Trust; and off-shore options, such as the Nevis LLC, Nevis Trust or Cook Island Trust.

Tax Breaks: Take Advantage

Tax planning for some persons has become more complex, but there are lots of tax loopholes and benefits. The very wealthy take advantage of these tax breaks – you should too!

Protecting Your Children – as Minors and Adults

Most persons want every dime of their hard earned wealth to go to their children or loved ones. Most want to ensure a high quality post high school education for your children. These dreams may vanish if (1) the child blows his or inheritance after turning 18; (2) a creditor or college debtor grabs the inheritance; (3) the child marries and the new spouse manages to squander it. These three threats may be avoided with a properly designed estate plan.

You can schedule a meeting with a Miami trust attorney by calling us at (305) 556-5209 or (954) 861-1426 . We look forward to meeting you and learning about your family and business.

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Our mission is clear and simple:
  • Protect your family & business
  • Speak and write in plain English
  • Provide advanced legal services at a fair price
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How We Can Help
1 Protect Your Family and Business.
As Miami trust and asset protection attorneys, we help you take full advantage of the latest estate planning and asset protection laws in Florida. When needed, we can help you use state laws in such top tier states for asset protection as Nevada and Delaware. For high risk professionals, such as doctors, our Miami asset protection attorneys will help you evaluate such strong off-shore options as a Nevis LLC, Nevis Trust, or Cook Island Trust.
2 Stay out of Court.
A big theme of our Weston estate planning attorneys is to help keep the court from intervening in your personal affairs or business affairs in event of disability or death.
3 Anticipate the Unexpected; Plan for the Expected.
Many small businesses are successful because they have a Plan B to fall back on for the inevitable ups and downs of business. Our Miami, Miami Lakes, and Weston attorneys will help you prepare a robust Plan B.
4 Keep Legal Control in the Family.
Most families want to keep legal control in the family in event of disability or death. In other words, they do not want a court sticking their nose into your personal affairs. No family needs court supervision by a bureaucratic and costly court process unless you family is completely dysfunctional. Our Miami Lakes and Weston estate planning attorneys can help you prepare.
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