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Florida Treasure Hunt: Check It Now! Florida Unclaimed Property Law

By Phillip B. Rarick, Esq., Miami Asset Protection Attorney

If you have never checked Florida’s web site for lost accounts and abandoned property you should do so – immediately. You may be pleasantly surprised!

You may think that it is not possible that you have any “unclaimed” property held by the State of Florida – and you could be wrong.

The dirty secret is that many banks and life insurance companies will make little effort to find you if you do not notify them of your change of address.  They will do the easy thing:  transfer your account to the Florida Division of Accounting and Auditing, Bureau of Unclaimed Property.   Thousands of such accounts end up in the Florida Unclaimed Property fund each year.

In the past we have had clients find more than $100,000 in old bank accounts that they had forgotten or failed to notify the bank of a change of address.

Special Note:  Beware of scammers.  There are a number of so called “private investigators” that may call you and tell you they can find lost money owed to you, but first you have to agree to pay them a percentage of the funds.   Do not sign anything!   They are simply doing what you can do for free by checking the website below.

The holidays are coming.  Now may be a good time to see if Florida has any  unclaimed property  for you or a family member.  The search is easy.  Click Here:  Florida Treasure Hunt.

Good luck!

Phil Rarick

Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A.

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