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Florida Trust Services For Family Law Attorneys

By Phil Rarick, Esq., Miami Trust Attorney

Family law attorneys are increasingly using trusts to secure and safeguard the payment of financial obligations in their marital settlement agreements.  Such trusts can provide the following key benefits:

  • Security that payments will be made in a timely fashion
  • Assurance that the monies will be spent exactly as directed: for the child’s health, education, support – not for the other spouse’s whims and enjoyment
  • Third party over-sight by neutral fiduciary on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Protection against outside creditors of the child or spouse

Of course, each trust must be tailored to the specific needs of the children or spouse.  Here are a few examples of trusts commonly structured as irrevocable grantor trusts:

  • Educational Trust.  Purpose:  secure private school tuition for minors and/or quality college/university education after high school graduation.
  • Life Insurance Trust.  Purpose: secure payment of life insurance premiums for child support or alimony obligations; prevent rogue spouse from changing beneficiaries.
  • Safe Harbor Children Trust (Spendthrift Trust).  Purpose:  secure funds to provide for the health, support, maintenance and education of the children.  This trust would provide the following protections: (a) child cannot “blow it” (ex: buy a new yellow Mustang upon turning 18)  as the trust funds are administered by a neutral fiduciary;  (b) child’s creditors cannot grab it;  (c) if child marries without a prenuptial agreement the funds are protected from claims of the child’s new spouse.
  • Minor’s Trust for Paternity Support.  Example:  Father believes mother to be a poor money manager but is ordered to pay support for the minor child.   Father wants no more contact with mother.  Father establishes a Minor’s Trust to fulfill his support obligations administered by a neutral fiduciary.

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