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7 Point Checklist for Pre-Divorce Planning

First, let’s hope you don’t need this.  But, if you do, here is a checklist of key estate planning items that should be considered prior to filing a petition for dissolution of marriage:

Note: This is a partial list of key items.  Invariably there are other considerations.  Consult your estate planning attorney.

1.         Revise living revocable trust or will:

  • Remove partner as beneficiary
  • Remove partner as trustee or successor trustee and name new trustee
  • Remove partner as personal representative under will
  • Remove partner’s children as beneficiaries

2.         Sign new Durable Power of Attorney (“DPA”):

  • Revoke all prior DPA’s naming partner as agent or attorney-in-fact
  • Name new agent to hold your DPA

3.         Sign new Health Care Surrogate and Living Will:

  • Revoke all prior Health Care Surrogates naming partner as agent or health care surrogate and name new health surrogate

4.         Life Insurance Policies beneficiary designations:  Is partner a beneficiary?

5.         Beneficiary designations for retirement plans (such as 401k) or IRA’s:  Is partner a beneficiary?

6.         Beneficiary designations for annuities:  Is partner a beneficiary?

7.         Irrevocable Trusts:  Such trusts are often complex and should likely be reviewed by a trust attorney to determine if (1) the trust includes language for termination of the partner’s interest in event of divorce; (2) partner is a beneficiary, trustee or protector; and (3) partner’s children have any beneficial interest in the trust.

For more information, contact Phil Rarick at (305) 556-5209 with Rarick & Beskin, a Miami attorney with over 20 years of experience in asset protection.

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