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What are my Rights as a Florida Will Beneficiary or Heir


By Phillip B. Rarick, Weston Estate Planning Attorney

If you are a beneficiary of a Florida Will, you have 5 important information rights:

  1. You have a right to secure a copy of the Will. The original will must be deposited with the court within 10 days of notice of death.

  2. You have a right to receive a Notice of Administration from the Personal Representative that will provide valuable information but will also establish a 90 day deadline as to when you can object to the Will.

  3. You have a right to see the inventory of the estate. The inventory must be filed within 60 days after the Personal Representative is appointed by the court.

  4. You have the right to receive a detailed accounting filed by the Personal Representative.

  5. You have the right to receive an inventory of the safe deposit box. This is just a short summary of your information rights as a beneficiary. You have numerous other rights.

If you are a beneficiary of a will and believe you are not being kept fully informed about the estate administration then you must protect and assert your rights without delay. If you do not timely assert your rights, you may lose them.

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