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Located only 15 minutes from Miramar in the neighboring town of Miami Lakes, Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A. has served Miramar residents for over 20 years.

Miramar Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A. is a leading trust, business, probate, and asset protection law firm dedicated to helping you protect your family and business’ hard earned dollars from lawsuits. Located only 15 minutes from Miramar in the neighboring town of Miami Lakes, Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A. has served Miramar residents for over 20 years. Our staff is multi-lingual in both English and Spanish.

Here are some of the legal services we provide for Miramar residents:

  1. Living Trust. A living trust is simply detailed legal instructions. It is also a powerful legal instrument to:

    • Make sure your loved ones are cared for if you cannot;
    • Avoid a court intervening in your personal and financial affairs if you suffer a temporary or permanent mental incapacity;
    • Avoid the high cost, time, and bureaucracy of probate court; and
    • Keep legal control in your family.

    For more information regarding how a living trust can help you as a Miramar resident, see our publication: Understanding Living Trusts or Comprendiendo Fideicomisos De Vida.

  2. Miramar Business Legal Services

    A major theme of our practice is helping to keep you and your business out of court so you can keep your focus on growing your business. For a Miramar small business this often means:

    • Make sure your company is structured to provide maximum protection. For example, if your company is a LLC located in Miramar, it requires a robust operating agreement that clearly limits potential creditors to a single unattractive remedy.
    • If you have a partner, you most likely do not want to end up with your partner’s spouse as your partner if that partner gets divorced, is involved in a serious accident, or dies. Typically, you should have a Shareholder’s Agreement that minimizes business interruption if these events happen and provides a clear exit strategy that protects your investment of sweat and money.

    A good legal plan minimizes and avoid disputes, and keeps the focus on making money. Attorneys at Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A. can help you keep the focus on making money. For small business entrepreneurs, we offer a free initial consultation.

  3. Miramar Probate Legal Services

    Probate is the legal process for transferring assets upon death to the legal heirs of decedent.

    Florida probate has always been a costly, bureaucratic and time-consuming process. With recent cuts in Florida court staff, it has become even more costly. As mentioned, with advanced planning, you can often avoid probate. However, if probate is necessary upon death of a loved one, we can assist. Here are some helpful guides that we have prepared for Miramar residents:

  4. Miramar Asset Protection Services

    We take pride in helping the doctor, professional, or small business owner in Miramar fight back in a legal climate where a single lawsuit can wipe out a lifetime of savings. Florida and other states provide multiple options to protect your savings. In Florida, these options include our strong Florida homestead law, Florida LLC’s, limited partnerships, life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, and tenancy by entirety protection. Options outside of Florida may include a Nevada asset protection trust or Delaware LLC. Options outside of the United States may include a Nevis LLC or Cook Island Trust.

    Attorneys at Rarick & Bowden Gold, P.A. are dedicated to helping the Miramar family and business take full advantage of the legal protections provided by the laws of Florida and other jurisdictions.

More Information about Our Legal Services for Miramar Residents

Miramar is home to many professionals, small businesses, and hard working families. For many years, our firm has helped families avoid or minimize court intervention in their personal or business affairs.

We endeavor to provide practical and personal legal counsel in good times and bad. Incapacity of a family member, or loss of a loved one, are difficult life challenges. You may need a Miramar probate attorney or guardianship attorney. We try to provide personal legal counsel that will help you stay focused in such difficult times. We will explain your legal options. We will provide a checklists of initial tasks and documents you need to secure. As Miramar trust and probate attorneys, we will help you navigate through these challenging days.

Attorney Phil Rarick has over 25 years of experience in trust, wills, estate planning and probate law. We take pride that most of our referrals come from past clients and local attorneys, CPA’s, and financial planners.

Contact Information

To schedule a meeting call (305) 556-5209 or (954) 360-8242, or email info@raricklaw.com. We look forward to meeting you!