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I.       Executive Summary

Florida probate attorney fees depend on whether the proceeding is Summary Administration – usually the quickest and least expensive – or  Formal Administration.   Many factors will enter into the fees, including whether the probate is contested, is subject to estate and other taxes,  involves the sale of real estate, and requires advice regarding homestead.

It is now common for the decedent to have  both a will and revocable living trust.  Such cases may require probate of the will and administration of the trust.

By Phillip B. Rarick, Esq.,  Miami Probate Attorney

Executive Summary

Probate is the legal process for transferring assets owned by decedent according to the decedent’s will or Florida intestate law to his or her beneficiaries after all legitimate creditors of the estate have been paid.  The Personal Representative (in other states this role is called the “Executor”) is the person appointed by a will to follow the instructions of the will and administer the estate in strict compliance with Florida law.  If there is no will, the Personal Representative is the person authorized to administer the estate under Florida law.

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