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Asset Protection

BeachFlorida is well known as having some of the best laws in the nation to protect your real estate and savings. This is a legal discipline that usually requires a Miami asset protection attorney who specializes in both estate planning and asset protection. The best Florida asset protection plan integrates both estate and asset protection into a cohesive plan that protects your family wealth and instructs how this wealth is to be managed and transferred.

Experienced Miami Asset Protection Attorney

It is important to plan when the waters are quiet – before you are the target of a lawsuit. Otherwise, any transfers or conversions may be deemed fraudulent by the Florida Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, F.S. 726 or Fraudulent Conversion Act, F.S. 222.


Good asset protection is not based upon concealment. To put it another way, an asset protection plan in Florida premised on concealment is doomed to failure because of powerful discovery tools available in our legal system. A strong plan is backed up by good law. You will want the creditor to know that your Florida estate is structured for maximum protection: this is simply good, prudent business practice, not unlike insuring your property.


The first step for our Miami asset protection attorney’s analysis is reviewing your global inventory and determining what assets are already protected by law and which ones are the “low hanging fruit” – assets a creditor can easily reach. The second step in the plan is to structure your assets into trust, corporate, partnership or off-shore entities that will take this low hanging fruit and make it virtually untouchable by a creditor. We start by first separating the “protected fruit” from the “low hanging fruit”.

Legal Tools

Florida, other states and countries such as Nevis and the Cook Islands offer multiple options to help protect your wealth. As Miami asset protection attorneys, we endeavor to structure a plan that meets your core objectives and budget. These options may include one or more of the following:

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To learn more about Asset Protection in Miami, request our Quick Reference Guide, Florida Asset Protection: 7 Key Strategies For The Small Business Owner And Professional at info@raricklaw.com.

Experience Matters

Miami estate planning firm, Rarick & Beskin, P.A., has assisted families and business persons for over 20 years. Our firm has worked with over 400 similar law firms located in states outside of Florida to represent their clients in legal matters concerning probate, Florida estate planning, and asset protection. To schedule a meeting with a Miami estate planning attorney call (305) 556-5209 or (954) 861-1426, or e-mail info@raricklaw.com. We look forward to meeting you!