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2022 Property Tax Appeal Deadline: Read the Small Print!

You will miss this deadline if you do not read carefully – and you may need a magnifying glass to find it.  Around the last weeks of August  you should have received in the mail a “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes” or “TRIM Notice” from your county property tax appraiser.  Buried at the bottom of your  Notice in small print is an important deadline for appealing your tax assessment.

Clearly, the county does not want to encourage you to appeal your property taxes or exemptions.

Note these deadlines:

  • Miami-Dade: The deadline for you is at the bottom of your Notice according to the Property Appraiser’s web site.  This is the deadline that is binding on you.  On the TRIM notice that I received for property in Miami Lakes the deadline is September 19,  2022.   Note, however, your deadline is the one listed on the notice that you received.  For more information click here:  Appeal TRIM Notice.
  • Broward:  September 19, 2022

Should You Appeal? If your taxes have significantly increased, you may wish to consider an appeal of your assessment. Approximately 40% of appellants are able to successfully challenge their property tax assessments.  The cost to appeal is only $15.  However, these figures have little meaning if the appeal fails or takes away valuable time you could otherwise be investing in other work.

What To Do:  If your property taxes have significantly increased, we recommend you have the valuation screened  by a professional who is experienced in challenging assessments before the Value Adjustment Board.     Many professional appraisers will take your case on a contingency fee; you simply need to pay the $15 filing fee.   You need to make your own independent assessment of a professional to do this work.

Note: Our Firm does not do this appeal work and makes no recommendations of professionals who do; this notice is strictly a public service reminder courtesy of the Firm.

Remember:  It is not necessary to have all your evidence before you file.   If in doubt, pay the $15 and file your appeal.   The most important goal at this point is to get your appeal filed on a timely basis if you want to appeal.  After the deadline, it is exceptionally difficult to file.

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