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Florida Counsel services are probate, trust, guardianship, and estate planning services that Rarick & Beskin provides for attorneys outside the state who have clients with Florida real estate or other business interests.

We have been providing Florida Counsel services for over 20 years.  Phil Rarick  is originally from Indiana and a member of the Florida, Indiana, and Virginia Bars.  Jay Beskin is originally from Chicago and is a member of the Florida, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. bars.   Mr. Rarick originated Florida Counsel services in 1993 and it has grown from there to service over 500 attorneys throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

If you have clients with Florida estate planning/probate/trust/guardianship matters, here is how our Florida Counsel services can assist you:

  • Statewide Florida Probate: Domiciliary or Ancillary. We can assist you on non-contested probates statewide as most counties in Florida now utilize e-filing. Over the past 20 years, we have opened and closed probates in virtually all counties. If you have a contested probate we can also assist if the case is in Southeast Florida; if not in this region we can usually recommend experienced probate attorneys in the county where venue lies. For more information see: Florida Ancillary Probate; or Florida Probate Quick Reference Guide.
  • Deeds To Trust. We draft deeds conveying Florida real estate to/from trusts.  For our Deed Request form see: Florida Deed; for our Florida Deed Fee Schedule see: Deed Fees

Note: Special considerations come into play if you wish to convey a client’s Florida homestead to trust. See Transferring Florida Homestead to Trust: Assessing the Risks and Benefits.

Over the years, we have enjoyed working with other estate planning, probate and trust firms. We welcome the opportunity to work with your firm.


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