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Attorneys at Rarick & Beskin have over six decades of experience in estate planning (trusts and wills), asset protection, business law, tax law, and Florida probate. Our goal is to help protect your family and business using the strongest laws available at a cost you can afford.


Miami Trust and Wills

Miami Trusts & Wills –
Estate Planning

Estate planning that focuses simply on Florida estate tax planning may miss one-half of a family’s needs. The other half is asset protection – protecting your hard earned savings and property. At Rarick & Beskin, a knowledgeable Miami asset protection attorney can help you… READ MORE >>

Asset Protection

Miami Asset Protection

Florida is well known as having some of the best laws in the nation to protect your real estate and savings. This is a legal discipline that usually requires a Miami asset protection attorney who specializes in both estate planning and asset protection. The best Florida asset protection plan… READ MORE >>

Miami Business Law

Miami Business Law

At Rarick & Beskin, we  pride ourselves in helping the small business entrepreneur profit and thrive in a competitive market.  We are available to help you in many ways. Helping you protect your business and your family… READ MORE >>

Miami Probate and Trust Administration

Miami Probate & Trust Administration

As Florida probate professionals, at Rarick & Beskin, P.A. we endeavor to do whatever is necessary to settle the “total estate.” Often today, estates consist of both probate assets and trust assets — requiring a Miami probate attorney and a Miami trust attorney.  READ MORE >>

Miami Guardianship

Miami Guardianship

The commencement of a Florida guardianship is typically used in two situations — either when a minor receives assets in excess of $15,000 or when a person may be incapacitated. If a guardianship is sought because someone may be incapacitated, then typically it involves two hearings. At the first hearing … READ MORE >>

Miami Tax Law

Miami Tax Law

With our complex U.S. tax code, it is virtually impossible to do any business or real estate transaction without consideration of the tax consequences. Often there are multiple tax considerations because multiple taxes may apply at the time of transfer. READ MORE >>

Ancillary Florida Probate

Ancillary Florida Probate

This is a legal proceeding that is available for a decedent who resided in a state outside of Florida at time of death, but who has property in Florida – usually real estate. The Florida probate ancillary administration is the legal process required to transfer legal title for the Florida assets to the beneficiaries of the estate. READ MORE >>

Outside Counsel

Florida Counsel For Attorneys Outside The State

Florida Counsel services are probate, trust, guardianship, and estate planning services that Rarick & Beskin provides for attorneys outside the state who have clients with Florida real estate or other business interests. READ MORE >>

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